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Frost Advise

If you have recently installed new plants, especially frost tender varieties,or if you have any  foliage, tropical or leafy plants which may have problems with low and mid-30 temperatures, you should cover with cheesecloth, dense burlap (these can actually be laid on the foliage) or if a frame of sorts can be built, any solid material, even, plastic.  But, don’t let the plastic touch the leaves during those cold temperatures.  And look, another good reason to, or maybe you already got it together, mulch the bare soils to hold in heat.  1? to 3? is good, as long as plants don’t get “smothered” with too much at their crowns, or bases.  Historically, we’ve mainly used different grades of redwood.  Now, we tend to use re-cycled wood mulches from Vision Recycling, at the Watsonville dump. Another thought is to make sure you water some before the heavy frosts.   And be careful with the pruning . Pruning initiates growth – so if you prune tender plants now, you may get  new tender growth, especially susceptible.