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October’s Indian Summer

It’s clean up time. Pull weeds, spent annuals, and vegetables; clean up all fruit and leaves. This will reduce the number of sites to arbor insects and diseases during winter months. Clear leaves and limbs from house gutters and remove any woody vegetation growing against structures. Use the gathered garden leaves and debris to start a new compost pile.
Divide existing perennials, such as daylily and Shasta daisy to re-invigorate plants and increase the size and number of blooms.
Fall is a great time to plant, add shrubs and trees to your landscapes; water in well, and wait for the winter rainst to arrive.
If you haven’t bought your spring bulbs yet, hurry before the selection is gone.

Now that we have had a sprinkling of rain:
Check property and around your home for potential drainage problems before the winter rains arrive.

Fight erosion, mulch and plant cool-season grass on slopes, you can add native wildflower seed for color.
Call us at Prime Landscape with any questions for winterizing your property.